Monday, February 27, 2017

The Face of Mischief

It's been well enough time I should catch you up in the happenings of the Great Bend, Kansas. To begin, I should tell of the story of finding a less active member by the name of Dustin. Elder Porter and I naturally attempt the address on the records of the church, but to no avail. We notice a note left behind in the missionaries record of the area indicating Dustin may be at a different address the missionaries specified. Elder Porter and I rush to address number two. A man answers the door, says he knows Dustin. I am distracted by a cat trying to climb me as I stand on the porch. The dang feline made it halfway up my leg before I shake him off. By the time I am able to redirect my attention to the man at the door, I find he is calling Dustin on the phone. Elder Porter stated our business as I freed myself from the claws of a wildcat. I ascertain the man is speaking to Dustin's girlfriend, Tiffany. He says, I quote, "Tiffany, yes, there are two men here looking for Dustin." I want to scream, "Judas Priest! Why don't you tell him the cops are after him?! Or the Men in Black?! Or the mafia?!" I couldn't find a way to ask politely this man request Dustin's address without blowing the operation by waxing eloquent! I remained quiet. Tiffany did not provide an address. This man that had answered the door is helpful, despite his foolery. He gives us the most obscure directions: a white house a few blocks north of the park on the west side.

The next day we travel to the approximate area a few blocks north of the park. There are white houses everywhere. Elder Porter and I saw the strangest thing: a man in his front lawn screaming heavy metal into a microphone and slamming on his guitar. I almost take a picture, but I restrain myself for fear of offending the man or looking unprofessional. We knock a few white doors, but find no success in recovering a Dustin or finding someone to teach the gospel. Progressively, Elder Porter and I come closer to the man performing to the world, standing in front of a white house! I don't know what to do, so I simply take a seat and listen to the performance. The rockstar finishes his songs and begins to clean up his gear. We offer to help and place his equipment inside his home. While doing this, the man says, "You guys must be the two men looking for me." Uh oh. "Thank God you have, it's been a while since I've seen the missionaries!" Phew! Since this moment we have taught Dustin and Tiffany, as well as their friend James. I am so grateful the Lord led us straight to Dustin to find even more investigators to teach. God will provide a way, and He does have a sense of humor! I should know. He made me!

On quite a few of our preparation days, Elder Winegar and I had some nerf wars. Here is the schematic of our favorite map we created in the gym. Barricades consisted of volleyball nets, tables and chairs.

We've had zone training as well, and with it some pictures. Here is the cream of the crop: 

We've been required by the mission president to review the latest world wide mission broadcast. During the review, Elder Boyer fell asleep. Couldn't resist scaring him with a popping of an empty bottle. Here is a play-by-play:

Elder Goodman has filled the place of Elder Winegar. Elder Winegar has transferred to Garden City. Here is a picture of the four of us after a game of pool at the local bowling alley.

I had the opportunity to play with chalk so I recreated a comic from the latest New Era. If you can't read my handwriting:  
Apparently my girlfriend has experienced a "mighty change of heart". 
That's great! 
No, she's dumping me.

While we were in Larned, I came across a beautiful sunset so I was sure to take a photo and I'd like to share it with all of you. 

Elder Porter and I have been diligently teaching the Freemyer family. We may have found means to help Steve, the father, attend sacrament. There is a co-worker of Steven that devises his schedule that has our back! We have also been teaching the Curtis family. Sister Curtis has two foster children that have been investigating the church for several months. The both of them were asking to be baptized in our second lesson with them. They're looking at the date of March 25th. So exciting!! 

I sure love you all. Thank you again and always for the undying support and utterances in prayer in the behalf of these good people of Kansas. I pray for all of you as well. Love you so much!