Monday, January 18, 2016

MTC Photos

This is my awesome district. I hang out with these guys every waking hour of the day. From left to right, there is: Elder "Vince" Vincent from Hawaii going to Oklahoma, Elder Loos from Idaho going to Oklahoma, Elder Smack from Idaho who is returning home for surgery because of a past injury (torn meniscus), Elder Colton from Provo going to Kansas, me, Sister Weibye (pronounced "Why-Bee") from Idaho going to Virginia, and Sister Marstella from Utah going to Virginia. 

This is my old zone! These guys trained our district and they are awesome. They're in the field right now. In the back: Elder Smack, Elder Lambert, Elder Bowers, Elder Herman, Elder Taylor, Elder Colton, and Elder Vincent. In the front: Sister Jones, Sister Mills, Sister Hepworth, Sister Marstella, Sister Weibye, me, and Elder Loos.

And finally, this is my new zone. Our district is training these guys right now. They're really cool.
From left to right: Elder Woods, Elder Weber, Elder Anderson, me, Elder Vincent, Elder Lloyd, Elder Loos, Elder Hilsinger, Elder Colton & Sister Weibye, Sister Marstella, Sister McIntosh, Sister Anderson, Sister Whitehead.

Here's a picture of my bed! It's made nicely every day! If I have no success throughout the day, I can come home to a well-made bed!

An awesome shot of the temple and the mountains on one of our weekly temple walks!

This is a really cool shot of the mountains from within the temple grounds.

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