Monday, April 11, 2016

A baptism...

It's certainly been a most unusual week. Elder Hilborn and I took three trips to Salina, pronounced Suh-lie-nuh. Not Suh-lee-nuh, I am having a rough time pronouncing cities in the Kansas Wicheetah mission (:

Salina is a hour-and-half trip we took first on Friday because of Zone Training, a time we hear from the missionary leaders i.e. Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders, and sometimes District Leaders. I got a Baconator for lunch following the meeting! If one could capture happiness between two slices of bread, it could only be done with a bacon cheeseburger.

On Saturday, Elder Hilborn and I went to the afternoon session of Stake Conference. Because we neglected to fill the gas tank before returning to Hays, we encountered a difficulty of trying to find the nearest working gas station in the boondocks with very limited miles remaining before depleting our fuel reserve with a very outdated GPS. It was a frightening time. Prayers were offered, and faith was mustered. By miraculously divine intervention, we found a gas station on the way to a destination we surely were not going to arrive with the limited amount of gasoline in the tank. Because of this fiasco, we arrived home at a quarter past eleven at night, but Heavenly Father takes care of His missionaries!

Our Sunday trip to Salina sure was interesting. I accidentally met Elder Roads, the general authority of the seventy in charge of the area, in the bathroom. Interesting guy. "Elder," he said to me "the question I have to you is..." I began to greatly anticipate his excellent advice, "Are there any paper towels left in the men's bathroom after stake conference?" I was stunned. He smiled and said, "It's a mystery of the kingdom!" We laughed and I made an exit, rather amused.

The event to follow is rather excellent news! W+++ was interviewed by a counselor of President Bell (as is necessary in the case of probation) and has been found worthy to be baptized! Yes! W+++ is getting baptized on Saturday the 16th! I am absolutely ecstatic! Elder Hilborn and I are working to compile the program of the baptism this week and we couldn't be happier.

I thank you so much for prayers on behalf of W+++ and for the Spirit to touch his heart. Indeed, the Holy Ghost has greatly impacted his soul. I cannot wait to report how the baptism unfolds!

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