Monday, March 13, 2017


Ladies and gentleman! It's been a dramatic few weeks! I survived my first fire, nearly managed to brawl two men on separate occasions, enjoyed a zone conference in Junction City, and had some great lessons with the Curtis and Freemyer families.

We managed to reach the home of a family that had scheduled to feed us. The four of us were chilling with the father of the home when we noticed some smoke in the direction of the wood burning stove that heats their home. The father ran outside to check on the stove. I felt.. not right so I was right behind him. "The house is on fire!" He screeched, "I can't get 911!" All of us evacuated until we realized the fire department wasn't going to come in time. We dashed in and out of the house grabbing as many valuables as possible: guns, TV'S, ammunition, an Xbox. Never before have I seen such horror and desperation in the human eye as I had seen that day. All of us stopped going inside when the smoke became too thick to see when with the brightest of flashlights

The fire department showed with four or five trucks beginning to fight the fire, but it wasn't too be. Each of the trucks were out of water! All that could be done by the fire department was to watch the fire and contain it the best they could. For hours we solemnly stood watching everything that family owned firm to ash. The attitude of the rest of the family was something amazing. The kids were taking pictures of the fire and posting it on social media with a smile on their face saying, "Well I guess we are moving!" The mother stood by us and made sure we were okay and SHE told ME to stop being so somber and that everything is going to be okay. Everyone was happy that the whole family made it out alive. It stands as a testimony to everyone involved what is most important in this life is the family and the gospel. It's been the most amazing thing to see the ward zoom to satiate the enormous needs of the family. At the present, this family has a roof under their heads, food, water, and clothing. Well on their way to recovering from this disaster. Please pray for the Enfield family!

From that moment to this, I nearly stepped in the way of a man's wrath for his dog who knocked over his cereal bowl. Also had a drunken man pull a tazer out of his pocket. Just glad it was a taser and not something a little more scary. No worries, he just wanted to show it off.

I found this sign in a bathroom for all you germaphobes. Those who read braille must wash their hands extra frequently.

Zone Conference was a great time. We took this picture outside and I am so proud of myself for not making a horrid expression in the face of the searing sun.

Elder Goodman and I, cheesin'.

How about some awesome movie quotes in response to missionary work? Aw yeah!

~ Harry Potter ~

"Terrible! ... yes... but great."

~ Game of Thrones ~

"I miss girls. Not even talking to them, I never talked to them. Just looking at them... and hearing them giggle."

~ Back to the Future ~

"They found me. I don't know how but they found me! Run for it Marty!!"

~ Forrest Gump ~

"I'm pretty tired. I think I'll go home now."

~ Star Wars IV ~

"Everything's perfectly alright now. We're fine, we're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?" *grimace*

Hey I love you guys so much! The church is true! The family is so important! You are loved by a Father in Heaven who knows you and still loves you! So, remember who you are and don't let that get you down. Remember what you are and who you stand on! Prayers and love to you always!! Thanks for yours! Love from Wi-Chee-Tuh!

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