Monday, April 3, 2017

Good-bye Great Bend... ...Hello Lawerence!!


So happy to be here. It is the bomb to be back in the city in a college town!! Ah I love it.
I'll tell you what though. It broke my heart to leave Great Bend. It's never become easier to leave an area in the whole three times I've done it. Here's a picture of us with Jamie Crone. He's our assistant ward mission leader.

Elder Goodman, Elder myself, Jamie Crone, Elder Boyer, Elder Porter

When we went to visit the new home of the family who is recovering from the fire, the Enfields, we ate dinner with them. We met Sister Enfield's mother who says, get this, that I remind her of Mushu from Mulan. Oh man, I burst into character and nobody could get me to shut up! It was a good time. "Of course! I'm travel size for your convenience. If I were my real size, your cow here would die of fright. Down Bessy!" The family told us a wonderful story. They were so sad to have all their pictures and geneology perish in the fire. However, for some reason unknown, pictures and photo albums were tucked away in the very back of the trunk of their car. Sister Enfield was sure she stashed the very same photos in a box in the basement. Her daughter was certain that photo album was on her bed during the blaze. The entire family testified to me the Lord had preserved their records in His infinite mercy. Angels retrieved those precious records. Amazing. Here's a picture!

And a picture to say goodbye to the Montgomery family, and a shoutout for being so good to us. 

Anyway, Lawrence. It's a college town, it's a decently large city. Tons of college students. My companion is Elder Mason Daly from Las Vegas, Nevada. We serve the Young Single Adult ward. It is such a different experience. For example, we know the members by their first names. You'll get a weird look if you call someone 'Brother Nelson' and not by their first name, 'Cody'. There are no families, no children. But everyone is so relatable because they're my age.

Last week we cleaned a ton because of the large mess left behind from a home bound missionary, Elder Tonga. You might see him on TV if you are a BYU football fan. Forgive me if I want the apartment clean before I start taking pictures of the place. I guess I'm more like my mom than I realize.

Elder Daly, myself, Troy, and Jonathon 

Being in Lawrence is especially neat when you are serving among friends! 

Sister McArthur, Sister Gillespie, Elder Christiansen, Elder Candland, yours truly, and Elder Daly. 

I've served with Sister McArthur and Elders Daly and Candland in my six-month Wichita service. Elder Christiansen is a former companion from Great Bend! Sister Gillespie and I were in the MTC at the same time. We met at the airport. No strangers in my close group of friends! Love it.

In most excellent news, I've another Nathan Drake moment to report. Some collateral damage from a home-bound missionary can sometimes include missing keys. Keys to the apartment, the church, the mail. One day we come to the apartment to find it locked. Elder Daly and I quickly conclude we are locked out. However we do know the door to the second story balcony is unlocked. I take a peak at the balcony and find there is no way to climb it. I explore my options and decide to find a large dumpster to climb. At the heart of our rather large apartment complex, we find what we are looking for. Elder Daly and I begin to wheel it to our building. A black man rolls up on his car, "Yo! What are you two doin'?" Elder Daly explains the situation. I pipe up, "You want to help?" The man responds quickly. "Well, sure man. Let's do this." We roll the behemoth   below our balcony and I teach this man we now know as Don to give me a proper boost as we are both standing atop the dumpster. Our efforts were most successful! We broke into the apartment and gained a new friend! Apparently Don lives in our same complex room number C4. I have dubbed the man 'Don the bomb' for obvious reasons. Here is a picture of the balcony we scaled together.

I came to terms with sending a few pictures of our messy apartment. It's a work in progress so expect some improvement.

I love Lawrence, I love Kansas! I love being a missionary, and I love this gospel! I love the Lord and I love each one of you! Thanks for cheering for me. You're the best!

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