Monday, June 20, 2016

MMA training and late night orange julius...

This week has been pretty exciting! I went on exchanges with Elder Ortmann in Maize, Wichita. He taught me to work hard because your time to serve the Lord in His mission is precious. Here are some of the people we saw:

Wakin (wha • keen) - never committed to anything before now because of his wife Karen. Received revelation about the kingdom of God, recognizing the Spirit. Accepted a church tour and wants to bring his kids along.

Crystal - wants to increase her faith by being baptized. Loves the idea of repentance and realizes faith is the way to work towards repentance and baptism. She scheduled her own church tour and asked for the address to the church because she wants to attend sacrament meeting.

At dinner Elder Ortmann says: "If we get one more person wanting to be baptized, I will make us an infused smoothie!"

So we met some awesome people!

Cory - Saw him drinking and smoking on his porch. He said "Hey guys I'm a Catholic, so you can just keep moving on." Well we got to talking, Elder Ortmann was being a pure goofball, so he enjoyed our company.

Katie - Came out of the door to Cory's. "You guys want some beer?" Elder Ortmann says, "Two please!" My heart skipped a beat. "Just kidding!" Katie thought that was hilarious, so she came out to talk to us!

By the end of the night, Cory and Katie wanted us to return. We talked about the Book of Mormon, Cory admitted he didn't believe in a lot of the Catholic beliefs. Katie told me her life-story of recovery from some serious transgressions. She is agnostic, but claims she will have lots of questions while reading the Book of Mormon. It's amazing to me how much the both of them opened to us after we talked to them without being pushy. Elder Ortmann taught me the valuable lesson of simply being friendly to people.

Elder Ortmann and Elder LaMont

In the morning of the exchanges, Elder Ortmann taught me what he's learned from his MMA training. It was a blast, so we took a few 'fight photos' before we switched back to our companionships.

Here's a picture Sister Pinkerton took of us. She needed a front page for the programs on Sunday

Elder LaMont and Elder Mason

Ah funny story! Elder Madson wanted to make Orange Julius in the dead of night. Sister Pinkerton was asleep so we couldn't make a lot of noise. We took the blender to the furthest corner of our room and wrapped it in a blanket. To my surprise, it worked! It was a funny-looking spectacle, so I took a picture...

Elder Madson and blender

... and a selfie!

I made some scrambled eggs to trade for some orange Julius!

Also, I had a first! Elder Madson requested me to cut his hair. So I did! It doesn't look so bad if I may say so myself. Elder Madson likes it and he got a lot of compliments on it too! I wish I would have kept the bangs a little longer... But the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is two weeks! Elder Madson got what he paid for!

Elder LaMont cutting Elder Mason's hair

I sure love you all. It's been so great to hear from you. I miss you so!

All the same, I'm really loving my mission. I'm horrified my six-month is nearing. Unfair! I'm just starting to comprehend the basics!

Until next week my fans!

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