Monday, October 24, 2016

Alekken, in your honor, "I claim this land for Portugal!"

Just can't get enough of the jousting over our zone meal after our district meetings! Elder West has been practicing (sound effects included).

Here is a clip of Elder West versus yours truly:

Alekken, in your honor, "I claim this land for Portugal!"

Sister Wall has returned home to San Jacinto, CA and we have Sister Brady in the district now. Elder Wood, the sisters, and I went to the Epperson's to clean up their yard. Walnuts were scattered everywhere. They assumed the form of a nasty crab apple, but were walnuts on the inside true to form. Of course, both the Epperson's work. In the early morning, they couldn't be at home. They left us some tools and a mostly-full behemoth garbage can. We had to get a little creative. We would pile as many leaves, twigs, walnuts and dead grass into the behemoth then wheel it under a tall branch. Elder Wood or I would clamber to the branch and grasp it while jumping on the refuse to give way for more dead foliage.

Later in the week, Elder Wood and I pulled some more Nathan Drake-ery. We have an investigator, Alexis, who challenged us to climb to her overhang balcony. I taught Elder Wood how to give a proper boost and demonstrated a front roll to break a fall. Here's some videos:

"That wasn't bad..."

"Are you dead?!"

"Nope! I'm alive."

The craziness gets crazier, I'm afraid. One night, we decide to prank the Auburn Hills Elders and take their car. We played the joke way too far and they filed a police report for a stolen vehicle! We gave the car back right then and there once we learned what they had done. In one evening, I talked to an officer of the law and the mission president the car was in fact not stolen. Talk about not being able to take a joke! In the end, no feelings were hurt and everyone walked away laughing. Including the cop and the mission president.

Wow did we have an amazing lesson this week! We started talking to a woman on her balcony one evening about Christ. Her name is Hailey. She came down to speak with us after a two-minute shouting match to hear one another. Hailey spoke with us until darkness came, telling us she had been worried for her friend who had committed suicide. For months Hailey has been concerned for the safety of her friend's soul. We taught her Christ is the perfect judge. He knows what goes on in each of our minds and hearts. Elder Wood and I bore testimony and expounded upon the wonderful Plan of Salvation. It truly is as Amulek has said to the people of Ammonihah, "The spirit and the body shall be reunited again in its perfect form to all, both old and young, both bond and free, both male and female, both the wicked and the righteous that they die no more; their spirits uniting with their bodies never to be divided; that they can no more see corruption."

"...[and] the people began again to be astonished."

As it has once touched so many hearts of Ammonihah, the message of the Plan of Deliverance from Death, the Plan of Happiness, has reached another heart. May Hailey continue to meet with the missionaries and grow her testimony of the Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ!

As always, I thank you for your undying support, thoughts and prayers. I remind you again it builds me so high to know I have a vast circle of friends and family genuinely desiring yet another update on those I teach and how I am faring. I simply can't thank you enough.

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