Monday, October 3, 2016

Arduous and Spectacular

It's been an arduous and spectacular week. It began with a jousting tournament, and ended with a transfer notification. I'm staying in Wichita to complete Elder Wood's training!  In between, my inner-pyro was unleashed, Preston's baptism slipped through our fingers, and we heard the word's of our beloved prophet (and Jeffrey R. Holland).

I'm sad to report Preston's baptism will not be happening. While en route, Preston's mother cancelled the baptism.

Tuesday was an excellent day. At the end of district meeting, one of the Elders swapped his coat inside out and we all followed suit! Here is a picture I suggested we take.

Elder Michaelis, Elder Wood, Elder LaMont, Elder Goldsberry, Elder Candland

After the meeting, we had a jousting tournament with janitorial supplies as a zone. I hit poor Elder West in the face. As it turns out, Elder West has a very difficult time removing his body from the garbage can. The solution: carrying him to the nearest doorway, three Elders assume the following positions: Elder West's hands, Elder West's knees, and the garbage can. All that madness to unstuck wailing Elder West from a church bin.

Elder Wood and I had an excellent lesson named Mario Scott on Thursday. Mario would commit to nothing. A brick wall. As we explained to him the importance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we testified of the nature of Heavenly Father and how much He loves all of His children. Mario's heart was touched by the Holy Ghost in a moment of clarity as though Mario's eyes were opened. His faith grew! The feelings in my heart are simply inexpressible.

 I learned an important lesson: do NOT ride a bicycle through a nightclub parking lot. The tube of my back tire was slashed in more than one place by shards of broken bottles. I'm lucky the front remained unharmed. Because we were in a hurry, I placed my bicycle on my shoulders and said a prayer in my heart. You may expect I would be very frustrated in such a situation. However, in my prayer, I asked for a positive attitude and made a decision. I was not going to let this bring me down. I was going to make it to our appointment on time! As it turns out, we were able to speak to a few people and only be about ten minutes late. The power of prayer is very real. I encourage us all to remember the most important step in an answered prayer is the action we take after we say "Amen"!

Sunday was a time of emotional recuperation. Elder Wood and I were crushed Preston Wagner's baptism did not happen. We enlisted the help of Elder Candland and Elder Goldsberry to make monkey bread and watch conference since our investigators were watching from home. It was a good time. Some notes I took from conference include not being afraid to ask for help, being unafraid in callings, and service. Faith extinguishes fear. Service is the fabric of celestial life.

Here's a picture of the finished monkey bread.

I wish all of you a fantastic week. Thank you so very much for the prayers. I'm more than sure Preston and his family will be baptized before long. Much love!

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