Monday, October 31, 2016


Happy Halloween! 

District meeting this week was phenomenal. I invited the district to a series of role--plays in which we identify our weakness in teaching and attack it with the strength of the Lord while teaching an investigator imitated by another missionary. I'll share some of what I wrote in my journal of the experience: 

"I made an enormous effort to have charity and speak with boldness. I promised if 'Glen' attacked the Book of Mormon to find a flaw, he would simply frustrate himself. However if he would seek to build his testimony in Christ, he would succeed. I could feel the power of Christ inside me. No doubt, no fear. Just confidence and joy. It was as though the light of Christ became tangible and fearsome. Then and there, nothing else mattered. Nothing else could ever matter more." 

The power each and every one of us has in teaching the gospel no matter who we are, what we are, is immense because the Lord is on our side. As we recognize it, as we feel it, we are unstoppable. 

We heard word the housing coordinators were coming to inspect the missionaries living conditions. I take after my mother. I laser-cleaned every inch of the place like the prophet of the Lord was to be here to home teach. Hope you're proud, Mom. I'm ruined for life. Elder Wood helped out too. He slept on the couch because it was too difficult to make the bed for the inspection after making the bed once. 

The Fox family was kind enough to allow us to carve pumpkins with them on Thursday evening. Elder Wood and I had a lot of fun with that. Here is a picture with our beloved Jack-O'-Lantern...

... and the Jack-O'-Lantern once lit.

Riddle me this... What's a missionary supposed to do when his family sends him Zombie Makeup Kit? Answer: Dress up as an undead Elder at the ward Trunk or Treat, dance the YMCA in between putting tables away during cleanup as a zombie, scare the Sister Missionaries, and pick up a Coke from Mickey D's as a zombie! 

Two of my favorite things: Halloween and missionary work! What a season to remember! It is a wonderful thing to serve the Lord in this way. I'm so grateful for this opportunity. Thank you all for your prayers, support, and love. I promise to serve my mission with all diligence and try to have some fun as well. I love you all! 

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