Monday, November 7, 2016

The leaves continue to fall in Wi-Chee-Tuh...

'Tis the season of melting Jack-O-Lantern's, trashed Halloween decorations, and November hangovers for the populace of whom have lower standards. America is looking to a day of giving thanks, then tearing each other apart for retail deals that have plans delving well into the Christmas holiday! 

The leaves continue to fall in Wi-Chee-Tuh Kansas, and my time in Rolling Hills may soon be coming to a close. Elder Wood has finished his training material and received his driving privileges. In doing so, the pupil has surpassed the master. He's a far better missionary than I could ever hope to become. My young padawan is strong in the power of the priesthood. But he sure needs to work on his driving! The record shows we've nearly been in one accident and mounted one curb with him behind the wheel. He's just been anxious to drive again. I'll know if I'm leaving Wichita one week from now, the fourteenth of November. 

During zone conference, I ran into a familiar face! Sister Christiansen! Here she is with Elder Wood and I: 

I served with her in Hays while I was training. She is now a sister training leader in the Derby zone. Sister Christiansen is so much fun. 

We had a baptism on Saturday for Amara Reyes! Amara is nine years old. She is the daughter of Lashauna Griffin, a less-active member of the ward. Amara has been looking forward to being baptized for years and years and asked I baptize her. The baptismal service was spectacular! Amara's big sister brought a baby doll that screams for food and a diaper change as assignment from a Home Economics high school class. It works with a series of magnets to indicate to the demonic machine it is being "taken care of". The baby screamed nearly through the entire first half of the service.

I am loving this work so much. So grateful am I to be a missionary in this fantastic mission. My thanks extends to each and every one of you for your undying support and myriad of utterances in the behalf of me, Elder Wood, and wonderful people of Kansas. Much love to you! Thank you! 

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