Monday, November 28, 2016


Happy Thanksgiving! The holidays are great on a mission!

Elder Andersen of the seventy came to tour the mission. He spoke a lot on the importance of teaching by the Spirit. Also, there was a great deal of time he set aside for a Q&A for the missionaries. I asked a scriptural question that led to a large discussion of the law of consecration. My mind was opened and enlightened to an understanding I have never before beheld. Of that experience, I ponder what it must feel like to live life without the gospel, then to feel the Spirit and feel the light while being taught it. Although I see it often, I may not know what that must feel like to the fullest extent, but being edified by the Spirit must feel something pretty close.

There is a small town called Larned near Great Bend. It is still in our area, but we are only able to travel there once a week. There is a historical sight that appears to be a historical quarry. I couldn't help myself, I climbed all over it and explored every nook and cranny. Elder Christensen was kind enough to snap some action shots.

I learned that Elder Christensen has a fear of heights, but past the face of fear I thought this was a good picture. I'm not quite sure why it is he went up there in the first place...

By the time I was finished messing around, I acquired a lot of stickers. Elder Christensen just thought that was hilarious, but he was kind enough to help me pull out the majority of them.

We had Thanksgiving dinner with a family quite a distance from Great Bend. All the way in St. John. It was quite a feast, there was a ton of food and we were even sent with leftovers! Turkey! Turkey sandwiches! Turkey soup! Is it time to start quoting Christmas Story yet?

I hope all of you had a most wonderful Thanksgiving and made time to ponder of the many things we have to be grateful for, particularly a belly full of food. I love America! Thank you all for your concern for my well-being, the prayers for those whom Elder Christensen and I teach, and all the emails! I am so lucky, and so grateful to have such great people behind me in this sacred endeavor.

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