Monday, January 2, 2017



I absolutely LOVE Christmas!! What a great end to the year, and a fantastic new beginning! Thank you 2016!

Here are some Christmas experiences:

We went to an investigators home right before Christmas, helping them clean up their home a little bit. Classic Elder LaMont, service by cleaning house. We saw their tree and the few presents around it. The following day, we decide we would buy them some Christmas presents.

Elder Christensen and I got some presents for each other. He gifted me some dollar-store gems that I like to throw at him, and a few decks of cards because he taught me how fun Solitaire is. Elder Christensen received from me numerous red solo cups, ping-pong balls, and two liters of Coke. Here's a picture of him opening his present:

All of us enjoyed our Christmas. We appreciated each others' company and had the most chill Christmas holiday.

Of course, I had a wonderful opportunity to video chat with my family. It was so wonderful to see their faces and hear their voices. We are all so blessed with the wonderful technology we have!

Transfers came and I am staying in Great Bend! Yes! However, Elder Christensen has left me to go to Junction City! Elder Porter has come with Elder Winegar's new companion, Elder Boyer. We are some crazy kids, but we've been having a lot of fun. Elder Porter is very into music of all kinds. So far, he has demonstrated skill in guitar and harmonica. Elder Porter also tells me he can play the piano. Awesome!

We want for Nikki Freemeyer to be baptized on the fourteenth. She went to church in Colorado on Christmas after attending sacrament in our ward the week before. Nikki will need to come to church one more time before she can be baptized. This week we will be calling members to put together her baptismal program. Unfortunately our ward mission leader is MIA for about six weeks (the entire time I've been in Great Bend) for some family business in Texas. Things will get interesting, but we can do it because we are serving the Lord. We will definitely need His divine help. Prayers on Nikki's behalf as well as the softening the hearts of the members are appreciated!

Here's a picture of Elder Porter and I

Dorky Elder Winegar taking a picture of himself while taking a picture of Elder Porter and myself

Selfie with Elder Boyer and Elder Winegar photobombing it

Now you've seen Elder Boyer, I have a story. Keep in mind, Elder Boyer is 300 lbs and 6'5" so we are talking a Goliath of a man. The four of us went to the Schied's house all the way in St. John. This is the wonderful family that fed us on Thanksgiving and they have this cute chihuahua named Zorro! Now we have finished eating dinner, we are enjoying everyone's company. Someone tells a funny story, we laugh, and there's a few moments of silence. Out of nowhere, the table turns nearly forty-five degrees and Elder Boyer is flipping out. All the dishes clatter on the table, a vulgar word comes from somewhere, and Elder Boyer muffles a, "Holy-!" When the dust settles, the table is on all four legs, Elder Boyer explains. Elder Boyer had his legs spread and his hands in his lap. When he looks down he sees the furry face of Zorro, and that made him jump. Because Elder Boyer has thunder thighs, the table nearly capsizes. Elder Boyer the Goliath was scared by the Zorro the chihuahua.

"I was! I was terrified by that little dog, I'm not gonna lie."

-- Elder Boyer after I read him that story

He's a good sport. I sure love my mission. Serving the Lord over this Christmas season is bar none an unforgettable experience. What a wonderful blessing. Thank you all for your prayers for the people of this great heartland of America! I love you guys!

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