Monday, January 2, 2017


Guess what, squad? I made it one year!! Hooray! 

This was an interesting week to say the least. In the middle of the week, Elder Porter woke up vomiting in the bathroom. I awoke to the sound of Jurassic Park in the bathroom. I was so scared I was going to get sick, I stayed as far away from Elder Porter as possible while he slept and recovered because I have one of the worst immune systems in the world. I was sure to explain that to Elder Porter so he wouldn't be offended. He managed to recover in just twenty-four hours. While he was unconscious, I studied the Book of Mormon and made a lot of ground in my studies. I'm in 4 Nephi now.

Elder Winegar and I having fun on the whiteboard before district meeting.

We've been having a great time drawing on the whiteboard!

Zone training was excellent. During the trainings, I realized just how badly I need to exercise charity for those whom we are teaching, no matter their status in the church. The pure love of Christ is a very real thing, and it is indeed extremely mandatory in teaching as the Savior has taught. In practicing throughout the week, I have seen more powerful lessons as I search my heart for the love I have and the love the Savior has for my brothers and sisters.

Here is what the new zone looks like after transfers. Shout-out to Sister Jarbi Joyner whom I graduated with (go Bobcats)!

Elder Porter's birthday was the 7th of January. Elder Winegar and I set a plan in motion to throw a surprise birthday party for him. it was difficult to devise and put in action without Elder Porter's knowledge, but we did it! Elder Porter was surprised! The surprise came with a gift, lots of confetti, party favors and a few chocolate cakes!

Candles for Elder Porter! 

Posing with Elder Porter and the nerf gun he received as a gift, as well as our mustache party favors.

Elder Porter beginning to dig into his cake!  

I love this area! I am so grateful to be a missionary. In this one year I have learned so much about myself, the mysteries of the kingdom of God, and my Savior! Thank you all for your undying love and support! Let's have another great year! I love you!

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