Monday, August 1, 2016

Painting, Chewy, and a party in the rain...

Wednesday we went to the Epperson home to put a dent in the basement painting project. All we really did was half a wall of primer and began the edging by taping because we didn't have a lot of time. Here are some pictures of the experience:

I thought this sign was cool, and so true!!

Elder Andrasko found a 'Wendy wig'. He didn't seem ashamed as I
pointed the camera in his direction so I snapped a shot.

And here's a closer view (:<

So this is Brother Greenlee demonstrating to Elder Andrasko and I a Chewbacca mask. This is no ordinary mask. As you open and close your mouth, Chewbacca's mouth moves too. Depending on how wide your gape is, Chewbacca will make different sounds. I just thought this was the coolest thing in the world.

Elder Andrasko in a Chewbacca mask

Yours truly in said Chewbacca mask

Now understand this: I really don't know what's going on yet, but Elder Zurcher (my previous companion in Hays) sent me some pictures and a brief email saying William Green baptized someone named Annie. I don't know who Annie is. In fact, the only people I recognize in these
pictures are Elder Zurcher and William.

Annie and William Green

The Hays sister missionaries with Annie, William, and perhaps some
relatives or friends

Hays district with Annie, William

Words can't describe how happy I am that William Green has been baptized, has received the Aaronic priesthood and is now baptizing! Unbelievable! Not quite seven months out and already the lives I've touched are building the kingdom of God in their own way. There is no way to accurately describe my feelings.

Sunday came and Crystal Cain came to church with her family: Elijah, Rebecca, and Richard. I sat with the Cain family and Elder Andrasko sat with Javi. He came to church too! Crystal and Elijah are to be baptized this weekend, August sixth. Javi still needs more of a shove from the Holy Ghost to get his rear into gear. Not to worry, Elder Andrasko and I will be working on that! Hopefully next week I update with some baptismal photos! YAY!

This grotesque display has been found in another missionaries apartment. On the kitchen wall! A bug collection. I don't understand some elders. Eew.

It was raining especially hard one night. I learned just how much
Elder Andrasko loves storms. Crazy nut, he is.

Elder Andrasko's hair after partying in the rain. This kid needs a haircut.

Sister Pinkerton and I taking a selfie as we are entertained by Elder
Andrasko's party by himself in the rain.

Guys I love you so much!

 I love Kansas! 

I love my mission!

                                                I love life!

 All of you are so wonderful, and I am so grateful for all your prayers, thoughts, concerns, messages, encouragement; the list just goes on and on.
Wouldn't be here without it! Much love from Wi-Chee-Tuh!

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