Monday, August 8, 2016

Wonderful, wonderful news!

Wonderful, wonderful news! Crystal Cain and Elijah Horn, mother and son, were baptized and confirmed members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! I performed the baptism and Elder Andrasko confirmed the both of them the following Sunday. Crystal has to be baptized twice because she had an air bubble in her jumpsuit, but the baptism was perfect the second time. Elijah nailed it on his first attempt. It's been an amazing journey for them. Elder Andrasko and I couldn't be happier for them. The baptism went very well, and the confirmation was powerful. Elijah has received the priesthood. He's the newest deacon in the Rolling Hills ward. Elijah even accepted an invitation to collect fast offerings after church!

It's amazing to me to experience inviting the Spirit to Crystal's home. We met Crystal in an attempt to help Elijah obtain a desire to baptized just three weeks before her baptism. The Lord works in miraculous ways! Not only was Elijah bolstered in his testimony, but Crystal herself gained a testimony from the lessons.

Elder LaMont, Elijah Horn, Crystal Cain, Elder Andrasko

Elder LaMont, Seth Horn (Elijah's father), Elijah, Crystal, Elder Andrasko

This picture is why you should never leave your iPad unsupervised at meetings. Even if it's just a quick trip to the bathroom. Everyone, this is Elder Stock. He's a pretty cool guy. I went on splits with him for a short evening. Elder Stock is quite an excellent role-model.

Elder Andrasko and I clowning around. He's hiding behind a box. Neither of us are quite sure what instigated this foolery, but of course, it's always healthy to mess around just a little bit as long as you're being obedient!

A 'His and Hers' garage! I am so curious to know what the inside looks like. Interesting social experiment anyone?

This is Javier Cervantes, or Javi. While we were teaching him on the porch, Javi's face lights up and he says, "Hey, you want to see my Chameleon?" Who is going to say no to that question? Of course, not Elder Andrasko and I. The Chameleon's name is Sabali, which means 'patience' in Bambara. Bambara is a language from Mali of West Africa.

On the subject of patience, heaven knows I could use a lot more. Patience is learned when it is tried. All of us are built that way though. We all know how a diamond is created! Enormous heat and pressure! We are so blessed to be provided crucibles in which we rely on the atonement of Jesus Christ to become stronger, to become more like Him, to become that which our Heavenly Father knows we can be. We have met a great amount of new people this week. Many of which continue to show interest in the wonderful message we bring. I am so blessed to be called of God in this area at this time. To proclaim this beautiful message as a representative of His son. I am so privileged with this opportunity.

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