Monday, August 15, 2016

The power of prayer is real...

This week we had the first zone conference with our new president. Of course, the vehicle was not in prime condition for the inspection that occurs during this seven-hour long conference so we wasted no time in cleaning up the car and vacuuming the snot out of it. I've never cleaned a car faster in my life! Yes Mom, I will be a lot faster at cleaning the car when I get home. Sending me away for two years just might be worth it! I was pretty anxious for this conference in particular. Elder Andrasko and I were to role-play a door approach in which we would teach the restoration in a very short period of time. It turns out I had no need to be nervous because when the time came, the Spirit carried me through the entire thing. I did not know what to say, but when my mouth was opened, the Spirit spoke. It was a wonderful reminder that we need not fear what we need to say, as long as we testify of the Savior and this divine gospel. When we have Christ on our side, it really is easier.

Unfortunately, Javi is out of town this weekend because a father-in-law of sorts has passed away from illness and old age. Continued prayers for him are very appreciated by me, Elder Andrasko, and Javi even though he doensn't know it yet. In good news, in our most recent visit with him. Javi says when the funeral is over, and all the craziness in his life comes to a close he wants to be baptized! How exciting!

We've been working with a lot of less active members of the church this week. One such member in particular, Lawrence Aguirre (uh • gear • ee) provided an amazing experience I would love to share.

As soon as we begin teaching Brother Aguirre, the discussion begins to crescendo with angst and contention. A war of words instigates. Shots are fired. Fire kindles in the room. The heated discussion continues between one of our wonderful members and this Brother Lawrence Aguirre. The words of Brother Aguirre become hurtful, full of anger. I feel the Spirit withdraw from the room, and my desire for the Spirit to re-enter comes bubbling to the surface. I try to find a strategic time to speak, but can not find a gap in the argument. I can't take it any longer. I interrupt, "Brother Aguirre, I must request we say a prayer before we continue. I will offer it if you do not mind." I proceed to pray as hard as I can with all the faith in my soul. "Please allow the Spirit to find the way back to our hearts as we share our message with Brother Aguirre who so needs the wonderful blessing of our true testimonies." With the "Amen" said, the Spirit returns in a flash. The room is peaceful, and still. The voices of our member and Brother Aguirre immediately gentle and soft. Elder Andrasko and I bear testimony of the wonderful blessings from attending church. As we do so, Brother Aguirre breaks down. He tells us he's tired of not being at church, no longer does he want to continue to be estranged. With this, Brother Aguirre gives us his word he will come to church.

What a blessing this is! What a wonderful experience. The power of prayer is real, the Spirit has amazing power to soften hearts and open souls to the power of this great message!

I would like to share a tender mercy I received.

When Elder Andrasko and I were at the grocery store, I made it to the check out line when I realized I left my wallet in the car. I sprinted out of the store and back, embarrassed. When I returned, the cashier says to me, "This man has bought your groceries for you." Elder Andrasko looked just as surprised as I. We went to shake the mans hand and give him a great big, "Thank you!" It is as though with such small blessings and tender mercies Heavenly Father is saying to us, "I love you."

I love you my cheer squad! Thank you, thank you for all your wonderful prayers for me and Javi, keeping Kansas in your mind, and being proud of your very own Elder LaMont. I am eternally grateful to each of you, as always. Much love!

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