Monday, March 21, 2016

A letter from Elder LaMont's companion...

Hello Brother and Sister LaMont,

This is Elder Hilborn. I am your son's trainer here in Kansas and I wanted to write you to just thank you for sending your son on a mission. He is a mighty man in the Lord and I am honored to have him
as my companion. I rarely feel as if I am even training him because of his preparedness and his faith. I hope you both are quite proud of him. I love Him and thank the Lord for him every day. He has great things ahead of him and I am excited to see where his faith takes him. I expect him to take over my leadership role after I am transferred next month. I will be sad to leave him, but I am confident that he will do just fine. Again, thank you for sending him and loving him.

Also thank you for the socks by the way! They truly helped!


Elder Hilborn

Elder Hilborn referring to this picture, "This is our relationship haha!"

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