Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Trials of a missionary...

I'm experiencing this a lot within the house:


*short silence*

Elder Hilborn: Aaaahhhhaaahha Ooooowww!!

Me: *laughing*

Elder Hilborn: I hate my life!!

Story of W+++ G+++

W+++ is 21 years old. He is struggling with probation as a consequence of lewd debauchery in which a minor, a few years younger than he, was concerned while heavily intoxicated. He will have twenty-one months of probation remaining from this date. W+++ says it is "by the grace of God" he is not in prison now. He truly caught a break by receiving the probation alone. Ever since the arrest, it's been his effort to turn to his faith in Christ. Of course, this is where the missionaries pounce. It was a neat circumstance, finding W+++. The Sister missionaries stumbled upon him searching for a less-active member and called Elder Hilborn and I after learning his interest in the lessons. We immediately made goals and set plans.

In our first meeting (sneaky picture courtesy of the Sister missionaries), we taught events that led to the restored church by our Heavenly Father calling Joseph Smith to be a prophet, including the tremendous significance of the Book of Mormon. Although W+++ was slow to understand, he was impressed by the Spirit.

Sneaky picture courtesy of the Sister Missionaries.

W+++ came to church that Sunday. He didn't have proper clothes, but was excited to learn. He brought with him his bible, the Book of Mormon given to him by the sisters, a notebook and a few pens. I was humbled by W+++’s willingness, despite his weakness in study, to learn.
The circumstances were perfect! All with W+++ was progressing wonderfully! We met with him again Tuesday afternoon to teach The Plan of Salvation, but our plans were thrown in the waste bin when we reminded W+++ the specifics of the Word of Wisdom. "I'm not giving it up," he says concerning chewing tobacco, "it helps me relax, keeps me from hurting people and drinking alcohol." Scripture was read, experiences were shared, testimony was borne. The Spirit lit up the room and W+++ said he would try his best.

The following day, W+++ contacted Elder Hilborn and I via text message: "i dont wanna meet anymore its not the direction i want to go". When we inquired what brought about these feelings, reminding him of the adversary's influence, he responded "just ditch my number and dont come back". As our last line of defense, we bore testimony of the blessings of The Gospel of Jesus Christ. His heart waxed harder still, and profanities and threats to our lives were then made.
I was sorrowful and horrified, heartbroken and pained by his choice alone. But a very wise young man told me this:

"I know that The Lord will make things right... His all knowing wisdom will bring both mercy and justice to all of His children! Things will work out!"

W+++ rejected the gospel this time, but he will have a second chance in the next life if not in the next year, months, maybe even weeks. The Lord has a plan.

Missionary work is hard work. Some are troubled by this. 

If salvation is the omnipotent Lord's work and glory, why is it so difficult? Jeffrey R. Holland says, "Because salvation isn't cheap!"

I bear testimony in the name of Jesus Christ the truthfulness of this gospel. I know The Book of Mormon is the word of God. Salvation isn't possible without it, and it is not easy.

My eternal gratitude to friends, family, and all those whom support me. Thank you for your prayers and concerns.

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