Monday, March 28, 2016

Update with an Elder Hilborn moment...

Elder Hilborn moment of the week: 

Elder Hilborn, "I hate it when I say, "Hey, good afternoon! How are you?" And someone responds with "I'm not interested." Well, what are you not interested in CUH? The afternoon?

Or when I ask, "Can I give you a card?" and someone curtly replies, 'I'm atheist.' Well I didn't say, 'Can I give you Jesus', I asked if I could give you a card! Ugh atheists. Have you ever met a happy atheist? No, you haven't!

Elder LaMont, "Oh man, I lost it"


Well I don't suppose you would believe this, because I still can't. One Thursday night we were making our last rounds. I was reading my scriptures when we came to an unscheduled stop. I looked up. Elder Hilborn was eyeing the lit home of W+++ G+++. 

Allow me direct your imagination to a scene of the movie 'Spirit': The protagonist, a horse, and his Native American rider are cornered. The antagonists of the story are endeavoring to capture the two heroes and an intense chase has ensued to this point. The stallion protagonist glares at his obstacle: a wide chasm. The Native rider, understanding clearly the thoughts of his mount, becomes nervous saying, "Oh no..." Because the movie is narrated by the thoughts of the stallion, we hear as if from the horse's mind, "Ohhhh yes." The stallion plans to overtake his obstacle by making a daring jump over a seemingly impossibly-wide chasm. 

I hope you see the parallel I saw in peering out the window of the car at W++'s shack to this movie scene as I've explained it to you. In my head I thought, "Oh no..." but the Holy Ghost said "Ohhhh yes." The Spirit planned to go talk to W+++ despite my fear. Elder Hilborn turned to me saying, "What do you think?” I opened the door. Although I was scared, my words (more likely, the words of the Spirit of God), "We're doing this," comforted me greatly. 

We knocked on his door and took a few steps back. "I am going to die," I thought to myself. W+++ answered. Now I am willing to bet whomever read about W+++ last week prayed for him, because he motioned for us to come inside. He was profusely apologetic for his vulgar and cruel texts. Elder Hilborn and responded to W+++ of our forgiveness and patiently asked if he would like to continue to work toward baptism. He responded with, "Yes!" 

Of course, going back to the movie 'Spirit', the stallion landed the incredible maneuver to overcome. I felt that every one of us in the room were the Native American rider trusting the Holy Ghost to leap over an enormous chasm. Our faith, your prayers, the power of the Spirit of the Lord, wrought a miracle. 

I thank you for your prayers. I hope you see your endeavors to bless the people of Hays with your utterances to God are saving souls, bringing them closer to Christ.

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