Monday, March 7, 2016

Our work, Our Love...

Story of E+++ - 

Every week we schedule what's called Weekly Planning for three hours from noon to 3:00 pm. It's a time we review our goals of last week, and set appropriate goals for the week ahead. At 2:30, still in the middle of our weekly planning, I had a stark impression to visit an investigator briefly discussed named E+++. I told Elder Hilborn about this persistent feeling. Though hesitant at first, Elder Hilborn allowed the interruption and agreed we should act as soon as possible. We had been trying for a few weeks to contact this E+++, so the notion felt futile. As we gathered our things, thoughts crept into my mind like awful shadows, "This might be a waste of time. I should just get back to planning." I pushed the thoughts away as we started our journey, but they gradually became violent: "We are going to get there and soon find it will be for nothing but a wasted trip. Elder Hilborn is going to be frustrated to have spent time on a fool's errand." Although not entirely confident of my spiritual intuition, I will not deny I am sure this was revelation intended to help E+++ from the Spirit. 

When E+++'s residence came to view, Elder Hilborn and I saw his vehicle. We were extremely happy to see it, but would he answer the door? We knocked once and waited. E+++ came bustling out in his work clothes. "Sorry to cut this short guys, but I'm just heading to work," he said. We managed to schedule an appointment with him before he left. Had Elder Hilborn and I been a fraction of a moment late, we would not have been able to see E+++, become even further discouraged, and much less willing to keep trying to contact him. 

The Spirit confirmed to me this truly was a help to E+++. I was truly inspired, and I acted on this impression. I was so happy to have chosen to follow the invitation of the Spirit and to feel the love and approval of Heavenly Father as I obey Him. 

"Never postpone a promoting. The opportunity to be a blessing in the life of another often comes unexpectedly."

The next day, E+++ was there! We began to teach him immediately. E+++ said he turned down many opportunities to learn about the LDS Church, but said he felt it was time he learned. The Lord has been preparing him! We taught him lesson one, The Restoration. It was a beautiful lesson! He listened intently, excited to learn. He repeatedly exclaimed, ”That makes a lot of sense!" When we spoke to him of the anti-material he could find on the Internet, advising him to avoid it, I was inspired to say, "E+++ there is a lot out there that will confuse you. Promise us you will not seek it. Those things are the words of men, but the book you are holding in your hands, The Book of Mormon, those are the words of our savior Jesus Christ." The Spirit filled the room. We invited E+++ to say a kneeling prayer, asking him to reach to our Heavenly Father asking for the truth. 

Unfortunately, he is leaving town for a few weeks, but we have scheduled a time to meet with him on the 18th of March. 

Story of T+++ M+++ - 

Elder Hilborn and I had a lurid conversation with an investigator. Confused, Elder Hilborn felt impressed we visit a man named T+++ M+++, a middle-aged father from Georgia. He lives with his family in Hays, but he travels often for his job. In fact, in the time my companion was prompted to visit him, T+++ was away on a typical business trip. Or so we thought. We arrived at his house, surprised to see him. We approached him, excited to be blessed with this opportunity. T+++ says to us, "Well guys, you came in the best and the worst time. I just made a difficult decision I have never wanted to make." He now had our full attention. 

T+++ told us long ago, he sold drugs for a living. He went to prison for five years after he shot and killed a man in self-defense. Ordinarily he would not have been jailed, but because he was in possession of drugs and the circumstances thereof, he was in prison for five long years. Years he says he decided to become a better man through God. He married his wife in Hays, had his family, and has worked to become a better man since. 

"That being said,” T+++ continued, "I had to make an unexpected flight home because I learned my son brought weed into my home. I had to make a decision to either report him, or beat him real good. Because I was too angry and I thought I would hurt him very badly, I reported him. He's locked up for a couple days. I've never wanted to make this decision, you guys." 

The Spirit brought us to say to T+++, the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families. Families can be healed through repentance forgiveness, and faith in the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 

T+++ M+++ like E+++, will be gone for a few weeks because of his circumstances with work. But both are excited to hear more of Christ's gospel. I'm excited as well to teach them. 


This is K+++ (K-+++-+++)! She is the daughter of a woman we are teaching named A+++ C+++. When Elder Hilborn was teaching A+++, it was my job to distract K+++ so A+++ could focus on the lesson. A+++ has had a very dark past. She has recovered from an addiction of illicit drugs and is ready to turn her life around by coming to Christ through baptism. She struggles to read the Book of Mormon every day, but she is praying!

Thank you everyone!! I love all of you!!!

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