Saturday, May 14, 2016

Fun with the ward...

Later that same day, Elder Zurcher and I attend a ward party at a park just outside of town. After we eat some delicious food, Elder Zurcher plays volleyball with the Sister Missionaries and a few others.
I can't help myself to being drawn to the crowd of younger kids, reminiscent of the many games of the imagination throughout my childhood. I ask, "Hey can I play?" A blonde boy named Aaron Raat (rate) pipes up, "You sure can! We are playing a superhero game! Which superhero do you want to be?" The crowd of young eyes are on me as I contemplate whom it is I should be. I look at them. Then I look at myself. I feel a grin upon my face as I decide. "I'm the Incredible Hulk," I say. I had a blast playing with them, climbing all over the playground, punching out imaginary bad-guys, and tearing around the park. I had a pretty awesome moment with Aaron. There were a great number of bad-guys below the bridge upon which we stood, running to head us off. Aaron looks at me and says, "Hulk... Smash!" I flew off the balcony far to the ground below taking out about 8 to 10 bad-guys as I struck the ground with my fists. It's official: I still am never going to grow up. I had way too much fun!

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