Monday, May 30, 2016

Oh Hays...

The tribe has spoken! 

Shoutout to the wonderful Brinck family of Smithfield, Utah! If you're somehow reading this, thank you for your beautiful letter. Expect a response soon. If it is not sooner, I apologize because...

I'm getting transferred!

Oh Hays, we bid thee farewell. 

Michelangelo: Goodbye home sweet home... 

Raphael: And hello cruel world!


I'm going to be serving in Rolling Hills! West of Wichita. Elder Madson will be my new companion. Big changes are coming!!

I've a few stories to share in great celebration of my time in Hays! 

A close shave... 

I thought I would get a haircut before I left for Wichita. Don't ever go to any salon connected to Wal-Mart just because Great Clips is closed for Memorial Day. The woman cutting my hair, Madi, and I were casually talking religion.

All of a sudden, I feel a swipe of a razor on my head and hear a vulgar exclamation, "Oh ****!" Now tell me: is that something you want to hear from someone you've trusted to cut your hair? No. No it's not. Madi cut my hair way short at the sideburn. She proceeded to freak out, but all I could do was smile. It's no big deal to me! I assured her everything was fine. She resumed to cut my hair and I proceeded to say, "I like this way more than what I instructed you to do!" She kept apologizing, but I repeatedly said, "Don't worry!" I left the salon thanking her, and wishing her a good day after leaving her a generous tip. I didn't think too much about it, but the Spirit bore powerfully of how we must treat everyone like Christ would. I can't imagine Christ being very upset about having his hair cut too close. I'm really happy I received encouragement from the Spirit from doing something right rather than receiving a reprimand from choosing to do wrong. It would be really easy to be upset, to demand a refund, to get into a fit of rage. But it would all be over a few hairs that are sure to be restored. Are there instances in our lives that are just a few hairs? I encourage you to think of what is most important and fulfilling in this life: becoming like our Heavenly Father who loves us indescribably.

Poor Vinnie! 

Elder Zurcher and I were walking around a trailer park and played with some kids. We played soccer and dodgeball with the them! Yes... I got a little competitive. One tried to tackle me and poor Vinnie (one of the kids) got beaned in the face with a kicked volleyball! He started to cry, but everyone came together to reassure him that he was okay. Instead of crying, he began to laugh and resumed playing with us! What a tender lesson to be learned here by children. Remember to always flock to our wounded brethren. Pick them up, dust them off. Help them. Be Christ-like!

Let the Spirit be the teacher...

We taught a man named Philip the other day. My testimony that the Spirit is the true teacher really grew! I kept trying to teach the man on an intellectual basis, and the lesson was not as stellar as it could be. I sure wish I would have let the Spirit teach, and got out of the way! Failure sometimes hurts, but I've learned valuable lessons. Failure isn't really failure until we quit trying, and because of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we don't ever EVER ever have to stop trying. I'm so grateful. I'm so humbled. Thank heaven I'm not doing this work alone. Life is too difficult a mission without the help with which our Father has graced each and every one of us.

Oh how I love each and every one of you. Thank you so much for your prayers, your wonderful support, and your love. It makes a difference in this work: the salvation of the human soul. How great must be your joy! Thank you!

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