Monday, May 16, 2016

Fun ...

Elder Zurcher and I gave William Green a good scare! We go to his door to find the door open beyond the closed screen door. William is sleeping in the armchair. "Go to the side of the house and make a bunch of noise," Elder Zurcher says to me "and I'll video it." I quietly sneak to the side of the house and proceed to make loud noise with my fists against the wall. Had the video been of better quality I would have included it with this update. At the very least, it is funny to hear how Elder Zurcher describes William's reaction.

I had my Nathan Drake moment of the week. William Green, Elder Zurcher and I were throwing a football. I accidentally threw the football on top of his house and proceeded to make the climb to retrieve it. William gave me a boost, I scaled the roof, knocked the football to the grass and jumped to the ground. No sweat.

I am currently writing this in a bowling alley. Elder Zurcher organized a time we could go bowling in celebration of Sister Viera's last few preparation days before finishing her mission with Danny Higgins. Having a blast!

Sister Dahl, Elder Zurcher, Sister Viera, Danny Higgins, and Elder LaMont

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