Monday, May 2, 2016

Feeling Clean...

This week I took Elder Zurcher to Aikido, and I'm guessing we won't be going again because Elder Zurcher didn't like it all. I had the wise idea we learn about choke techniques. Brandon Sensei was just fine with it, but try to imagine Elder Zurcher happy with it. I blacked out in the demonstration.

I didn't signal to stop quick enough and the next thing I know the world is spinning and voices seem to come from a far distance to right in front of me. I wasn't sure it could be done, but you can indeed get someone to lose consciousness in less than thirty seconds for a minute or two by cutting off the blood supply in their neck! Awesome! I felt a little woozy for the rest of the class. We met a woman named Neva (knee - vuh) E.the following day. She really needed to talk to someone because she is a widow. We left her a Book of Mormon, but later in the week, I blew it. She refused to continue reading the Book of Mormon and said, "I've already found Jesus and been born again." I lost my patience when Neva looked me dead in the eyes saying, "Get rid of this," touching the name tag on my chest, "and go find the truth." I used all my energy to not allow it to offend me, but I couldn't hide my glare. I didn't sleep well that night, afraid I might have frightened Neva.

Elder Zurcher and I were asked of an elderly single sister of the ward to make caramel popcorn with her. It was great to serve her by listening to her crazy stories of her college years. We left with five one-gallon bags of the popcorn in the end. The same day, we met with Diana. She is struggling to quit smoking. We constantly reassure her that she is going about the path our loving Heavenly Father wants for her, and she believes it.

Sunday was amazing. I love how I have learned I am SO dependent on the ordinance of the sacrament. I entered with my heart heavy, my mind negative; but through the edification of the amazing Hays ward family through their testimonies helped me to allow the Holy Ghost to raise me
to much a much higher state of spirit. Diana came to church, although more reserved than normal. William received the Aaronic Priesthood and called to the office of a priest in the Elders Quorum! Oh such a happy day! After church we visited Diana, and it was such a wonderful experience. Diana had a lot of questions about the priesthood, the bible, and some verses she found. She expressed a concern about the consequences of sin. Elder Zurcher and I answered her questions, talked about the King James Version of the Bible, and expressed her validation for the concern by addressing the importance of the atonement. During the lesson, Diana's spirits soared. She seemed much happier.

I received an inspiring email among so many I receive from my wonderful support group illustrating to me of finding ways to serve using God-given talent. When I noticed in the times I had visited Diana a state of uncleanliness in her house, I was prompted to act. First of all, I used my talent of unwavering stubbornness. Those that know me well also know I excel in such pig-headed techniques. I told Diana we were going to help her relieve stress by vacuuming and sweeping the floors, and
washing the dishes. I received quite the glance from Elder Zurcher! Diana began washing the dishes, I picked up the broom, and Elder Zurcher began his great battle with the resistance of a partially defective vacuum. As I meticulously swept the linoleum floor, moving about much furniture, Diana inquired of my family and I of hers.

I learned a valuable lesson in charity. As we learn about our friends, neighbors, even enemies, by genuinely wanting to know more about them, our love for them increases as well as their love for us. It is also a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel as we hold our candles high. Diana's countenance took a one-hundred-eighty degree turn from this morning. I wish you could have seen her face as her home became cleaner. Diana was touched by our charity, grateful for our service, and happier than I've ever seen her.

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